“There is a huge, untapped potential for Polish-Danish cooperation in the area of high technologies,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Magierowski in Copenhagen today. High on his visit’s agenda was participation in the Danish Maritime Days and talks at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The deputy head of the Polish diplomacy  attended a seminar convened to discuss technological cooperation in maritime sector, held as part of the Danish Maritime Days.

“The Polish IT sector is considered as the strongest and most dynamic in Central and Eastern Europe,” stressed Deputy Minister Marek Magierowski. “We are a robust and responsible business partner, we offer broad investment possibilities and we are eager to engage in joint projects. The joint potential of Poland and Denmark is larger than our two domestic markets considered separately,” he underlined. He went on to say that more than 800 Danish businesses invest and operate in Poland. “They create jobs and help boost our economic growth and benefit from being present on the 38-million-strong Polish market,” he added.

The deputy minister invited the participants to visit the World Maritime Days in Szczecin which are scheduled to take place in mid-June.

Denmark is one of the world’s leading states in maritime economy. Danish businesses and research centres are involved in the search for new solutions in the area of alternative fuels and navigation.

The Polish deputy foreign minister discussed the Danish model of business promotion and Polish-Danish economic cooperation at a meeting with directors for foreign markets from the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Deputy Minister Magierowski also took part in consultations with the Danish Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Susanne Hyldelund. “Denmark is an important and reliable partner for us. We have a similar approach to security and key areas of European cooperation,” he said. Both sides declared their support for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline project. “This is a perfect example of good Polish-Danish cooperation. It will certainly contribute to strengthening Poland’s energy security,” said Deputy Minister Magierowski.

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