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The development of the Baltic Sea region in the last 30 years or so is generally regarded as a success story.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Baltic Sea has developed from a “marginal sea” to an inland sea of the European Union, whose riparian states – with the exception of Russia and the Kaliningrad exclave – are now members of the European Union.

The “Europeanization” of the Baltic Sea region takes up on the one hand historical collaborations dating back a long way – such as those of the Hanseatic League’s medieval city cooperations – and on the other hand a wide range of transnational collaborations on a modern basis.

In the Baltic Sea region, numerous coope-rations have developed in cooperation in the (trans)national area, but also between regions, cities and municipalities, between universities, institutions and organisations.

The Baltic Sea region is characterised on the one hand by diversity and regional differences, and on the other hand by very close, similar historical experiences and roots (Hanse, trade etc.), who stand for Cooperation. 

Against this backdrop, a newsletter for the region around the region seems to us to be more important, as information and communication are the key to mutual understanding.

BalticSea Report is initially published monthly in German and English and provides a brief summary of the most important news from the Baltic Sea region.