Eco-efficiency and digitalisation in the maritime industry in the Baltic Sea region will be at the focal point in a seminar organised by ECOPRODIGI project on 20 November 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This autumn ECOPRODIGI project consortium has been working for more eco-efficient and digitalised shipping sector in the Baltic Sea region for a year. The seminar titled “Heading towards digital and eco-efficient shipping in the Baltic Sea region” will present the objectives and first findings of the project. In addition, the two key themes of the project, digitalisation and eco-efficiency, will be featured in interesting keynote speeches as well as in panel discussions. The seminar will bring together academic researchers, industry end-users and policy-makers, who all have a crucial role in shaping the future of shipping in the Baltic Sea region.

One of the keynote speakers, Lars Jensen, was interviewed for our blog where he discusses the future of shipping and the changes the industry is evidently facing. Read more about his views here.

Few highlights of the programme:


  • ECOPRODIGI project and its industry cases introduced
  • Keynote: Shipping industry facing digitalisation and eco-efficiency challenge – how to succeed? By Lars Jensen, SeaIntelligence Consulting (read Jensen’s interview here)
  • Panel discussion on digitalisation’s impact on ship design, production and operations featuring
  • Panel discussion on enablers and barriers for sustainable maritime industry featuring

View the whole seminar programme hereUpdates and additions to the seminar programme and speakers are anticipated!

The seminar is free of charge including coffee breaks (lunch at participants’ own cost).

Register to the seminar here (there is a limited amount of seats in the venue) and follow the news about the seminar at ECOPRODIGI website and Twitter, @ECOPRODIGI_BSR!

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