Prime Minister Jüri Ratas says that listing Port of Tallinn on the stock market was a unanimous decision of the coalition that reflects the wish to offer people more options for investing, and to increase the efficiency and transparency of state enterprises.
Jüri Ratas, along with Valdo Kalm, CEO of Port of Tallinn, and Kaarel Ots, CEO of Nasdaq Tallinn securities market, participated in the ceremony today at the Old City Marina, where the first day of trading of the shares of Port of Tallinn was opened with a ring of the opening bell. “The Baltic Sea has hardened Port of Tallinn and I am sure that the waves of the financial market will harden Port of Tallinn in the same way,” the prime minister said.

According to the prime minister, although Port of Tallinn runs their principal activities on a small area, it has affected the development of our society and our economy through the ages. “Take, for example, the beginning of the Hanseatic League, where a significant amount of supplies for Port Lübeck came from the Old Livonia. Or think back a few decades, when Port of Tallinn was the main gateway to the West for Estonian people. This was the gate that helped us to stay in contact with the free world, to learn more about what was happening there, and to keep in touch with our loved ones who lived behind the border,” Ratas said.

“Port of Tallinn is a modern and versatile development and service enterprise. For a small state like Estonia, exporting products and services is of vital value, and the product flow that passes Port of Tallinn provides jobs and income for a number of people all over Estonia,” Ratas said. The prime minister wishes a continuous sense of innovation and application of modern technological solutions for the port. “This helps to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of not only the port, but of our whole economy,” he added.

The prime minister expressed hope that the shares of Port of Tallinn will be as valuable an asset in the portfolio of the new owners as they have been for Estonia for a long time.

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